Business Intelligence & Analytics have failed

For many years, the providers of business intelligence and analytics software have been telling us that they can help us make better decisions because they are more data-driven. In reality, however, decisions in companies have hardly improved at all; on the contrary, decision-making processes have never lasted longer than today. This will not change with the next software version. Different approaches and solutions are needed to really move forward.



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Making data-driven decisions is no longer enough

Managers must make decisions based on an uncertain future. An uncertain economic situation, gaps in information and dynamically developing situations and actors present them with increasingly complex challenges. In times of crisis, this not only affects economic aspects, but to a large extent also decisions that have a significant impact on the health and safety of employees and customers.


In this whitepaper we mercilessly expose the limits of the data-driven decision-making culture. We show the essential role that people will play in the future and what you need to do not only to make more effective and better decisions, but also to gain a decisive competitive advantag


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