In a world where the problem and its parameters as well as the solution are known, processes are the way to deliver scalable solutions.

In the near future, data-driven algorithms will automate such processes.


For everything else we need a completely new, holistic approach: beeBlum



In today's volatile world, a harmonized basis of data can only be aimed at for core processes. In order to make quick decisions, it is therefore important - unlike in the past - that the data quality is not perfect but good enough. 


In the future, the core task of management will be to promote the formation of networks within companies on the one hand, and to frame these networks hierarchically on the other hand, in order to preserve the identity and strategic capability of the company.


Agility in the digital age requires autonomous working close to the value creation and directly at the context. Authority is distributed to clearly defined roles in so-called circles. By coupling these roles with OKRs, the necessary close strategic relationship can be achieved.

We create the conditions for great performance

Only those who know their weaknesses will overcome them

We live in a flood of information that takes away our time to think, our attention span is getting shorter and shorter.In a study from the University of Virginia, people were asked to spend 15 minutes alone in a room without any distractions. Many found this so horrible that they preferred to try electric shocks instead of enduring their thoughts. The US brain researcher Michael Posner from the University of Oregon compares selective attention with the light cone of a spotlight: "We can only concentrate on a selected section of the world or our mental processes. 

Wikipedia lists well over 100 cognitive distortions to which our mind is exposed when perceiving, thinking and judging. How can we assume that when it comes to the most important human discipline in companies, joint decision-making, we intuitively keep track of all facts, arguments, interests and conflicts and give them sufficient consideration?

A system for people

We have become so accustomed to thinking ourselves into machines that we tend to develop software around the data or for a new technology. We are so socialized on efficiency that we create solutions for special fields instead of thinking holistically.

beeBlum is a system that is primarily intended to support people.  Contexts and their stories drive us, not facts. That's why in beeBlum everything starts with an incident, the exception or more generally speaking, a situation. Data is an important part of it, along with other criteria such as knowledge, opinions or suggestions, but is not the focus of attention. Facts should always be worked out with a holistic view and the overall impression of the details in mind. Our brain is guided by interest, by the search for insight and meaning. Active action and research, experience and intellectual abilities facilitate this search, as do multifaceted interconnections.


In beeBlum a common information base is successively built up for each situation. All information is referenced to this base. In this way we make it easier for our mind to link the available information, to tame the abundance and to direct it into meaningful channels. 

Organisation as enabler

The organisation's core task is to combine continuous independent actions to achieve desired goals and results. In many companies, however, it is much more likely to be perceived as an obstacle. How can that be?


One of the main reasons is the traditional separation of responsibility and decision-making power. Managers must develop the self-confidence to no longer divide thinking and acting through hierarchical structures. We are not against hierarchies per se. All larger organizations must be broken down into manageable parts. But it is crucial to ensure that roles and responsibilities for making and executing critical decisions are clearly defined.


In beeBlum we use the so-called Circle to map the responsibility structure. A circle corresponds to a meaningful grouping of roles (not persons) to a task or responsibility domain. It is not just another word for department or specialist area, but is formed and continuously developed through dynamic governance.


Circle help to break down silo thinking and enable synergies and cooperation within the company. Although each Circle (with the exception of the Circle that corresponds to the whole organisation) is also part of a Super-Circle, it has individual authority and autonomy. Thus, the organisation can once again fulfil its task of providing the best possible support to the people involved. Leaders can thus gain status and recognition by enabling results and no longer from the position itself. This is not only more fulfilling for everyone, but also the only way for companies to continue to play a role in the future. 


When you start working with beeBlum we recommend that you adjust the distribution of the Circle to the current company structure. Over time, the system will transform itself into a more efficient organisational form. 

Interconnecting goals and actions

Circle are the level at which essential goals, comparable to OKRs, can be negotiated in beeBlum. With the help of the objectives it is possible to give the company a clear strategic direction without preventing innovative thinking or questioning the status quo within the Circle. With the help of these key results we create transparency about the progress at any time and thus establish the level of trust needed for the responsible Circle. 


The sole introduction of OKRs often fails because they are insufficiently anchored in the daily business. With beeBlum we create a solution that integrates OKRs into a structured decision-making process for the first time. Thus OKRs are used exactly at the place they were designed for: collaborative decisions.


Decisions are at the heart of the tactical and operational work of the Circle. They make an organization successful. While results are also influenced by factors beyond our control, we have full control over our decisions. Improving them and making them more effective is the biggest adjustment that we have in exponential companies. 


Through the unique integration of Circles and OKRs into the decision-making process, beeBlum creates the conditions for self-responsible work. Through clarity and transparency, beeBlum can help to significantly reduce the gap between strategy and results. 

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