"We see a real gap between the information provided in business intelligence and the quality and transparency of decision-making." Rita Salam, Gartner

The immense investments in analytical software in recent years have not brought any noticeable improvement in decision-making, because

decisions are still being made the way they were made 40 years ago.


Whenever a major exception occurs in day-to-day work, decisions usually have to be made very quickly - but at the same time many stakeholders have to be involved to get things right. How long does it take for you to recognize market signals, discuss and analyze the circumstances with the right people? How quickly are you able to develop alternatives and agree on the criteria necessary for evaluation in the situation with all stakeholders? 


The further away from the actual task, from where things happen and the earlier decisions are made, the more negative the effect. The traditional annual budget is a prime example. Too many decisions are made too detailed and too early. The result is all too often wrong decisions with negative effects on value creation.


What would it be like for you as a decision-maker if you could simply decide anywhere and at any time instead of waiting for the next regular meeting?

Decisions today are either so trivial that they can be automated, or so complex that no one can make decisions alone. 


Substantial increases in efficiency can always be achieved when organizations succeed in optimizing processes. Digitization is nothing more than process optimization using digital technology. Just a few data points can be enough to uncover enormous optimization opportunities in companies. 


beeBlum digitizes the most time-consuming and error-prone process for knowledge work that still exists today: Collaborative decision-making.


Interdependencies between departmental silos in a complex organization are often not well-understood, and so mapping them can create a lot of value.


The necessary agility cannot come from pure speed, but from the ability to efficiently explore several areas at once and combine them into something that is more than the sum of its parts. For better decision making you need: clear responsibilities, related goals and objectives at hand, data, soft factors and - most important - the creativity of your employees. By this you can collaborate in an amazingly efficient way to derive and evaluate alternative courses of action directly in our software. With our customizable criteria catalog, you can make data-driven decisions, even for soft facts. You can experiment with the weighting of the criteria to simulate different effects on the result - or simply follow the recommendation of the AI. 

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"Why being data-driven
is no longer enough.


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beeBlum is the only solution that offers embedded collaboration in the common analytical toolset across manufacturers. With beeBlum you will find the same commentary on the same key figure across the different BI tools.


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