Our brain is exposed to many distortions when evaluating facts. But important decisions cannot be made by algorithms alone. beeBlum can help knowledge workers to understand information faster and more comprehensively. For this, beeBlum reinvents the way we exchange information in our business life. 


We help knowledge-workers to become data-driven

Every part of an organism works the way it is best for it. At the same time it is existentially dependent on its enviroment. Through such a perfect interaction of people and data, a superior system is created that is constantly optimizing and developing itself.
This is how we designed beeBlum.

Information is not worth much in itself. Only when it is  viewed in the right context it can deliver insights. beeBlum is the only communication solution specifically developed for the collaborative analysis of information. We help you to gain valuable new perspectives on your data and thus better understand the context.

Because information is worthless without action, beeBlum contains mechanisms to develop and evaluate model-based alternatives out of the gained insights. Thus, decisions are prepared in a much more target oriented way.


Emotional intelligence is the key



Everything gets better with the right people



Solution-oriented action





Wiesloch, Germany

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