Platform for knowledge collaboration in data-driven companies

A customer complains about a product, there are problems with an order or the supplier? Sales in a certain region suddenly collapse? Regardless of the challenge you face, existing software solutions reach their limits when it comes to interdisciplinary problem solving.

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Every process that people are involved in is an analytical process. In order to be really data-driven in a world based on division of labor, all employees must therefore be involved in decision-making processes: Existing concepts such as dashboards, email or group chats are not suitable for this.

Knowledge workers need a tool that helps them to open up complexity, discover relationships and hidden pools of knowledge, enable collaborative decisions and foster innovative solutions.

Business users who are less familiar with data need a simple, intuitive access to information and an uncomplicated way of getting involved

Companies benefit from a better understanding of correlations, more effective and faster processes and a better working culture

The vast majority of the knowledge that every individual has today does not come from first hand and was not acquired on the basis of personal experiences and perceptions. Much of our knowledge is based on information obtained from other sources. In a world based on division of labor, this creates a significant problem: in most areas we are laypeople. So we neither have the time nor the ability to check the truth of the information. The paradox is that at the same time as a collective we know a lot more than ever before. beeBlum helps you to open up this knowledge.


With beeBlum you translate your problem or question into a board based on the Kanban principle. The collaboration scales because the exchange takes place via personal feeds with the departments. Even occasional users can be integrated into the process using an app specially optimized for them.

Knowledge workers get information much faster and save a lot of valuable time. Thanks to artificial intelligence (natural language processing), they not only summarize results much more effectively, but also find previously unknown relationships and hidden know-how. They develop their findings directly in beeBlum into alternative courses of action, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the various options against each other.

Effective knowledge work

Companies are increasingly suffering from organizational and spatial complexity. Nevertheless, cooperation is mainly organized in specialized teams. beeBlum organizes work around contexts to enable discussions in several perspectives at the same time.

Go create the future

Big ideas don't come by managing them. However, you can systemically increase the chance to it. By exploring a context with multiple departments at once, you create exponentially more opportunities to combine your findings to something truly new.

Speak data

The way to beecome a data-driven company is not by providing more and more data in the first place. Key is opening up the context. Only those who understand the bigger picture can end up making better decisions.  

"To make knowledge productive, we will have to learn to see both forest and tree. We will have to learn to connect." Peter Drucker, 1993

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"We believe that with your solution you will improve many of the organizational processes that are now largely performed manually in our and other companies. Your approach to align collaboration with responsibility - and even enable data-driven decisions directly online makes the platform beeBlum unique in our opinion. Our impression of the user interface design distinguishes beeBlum from other vendors in a very positive way."

Nicola Hannappel, Strategic Innovation Management TUI Cruises GmbH